Saturday, September 1, 2012

Breakfast for the Wearied

This morning proved to be a bit of a challenge, motivation wise. I just could not get myself into the mood enough to complete my scheduled 20 minute warmup run and 40 minute run at my marathon goal pace. I barely managed to do the warm-up and 5 minutes of the goal pace section before getting frustrated and saying, "I'm soo over this!" (I can't help but think this is due to the fact that I'm getting a little burnt out from my training. The race is on the 23rd of September and in terms of my readiness, the hay is in the barn. I've been running 12+ miles for the past 3 Saturdays and am in much better shape... to the point that I should be able to beat my last 1/2 marathon time by at least 10 minutes...) So, in an effort to recenter myself, I stopped my run and did some Vinyasa yoga.  There's nothing like going through the sun salutations to bring some peace to the troubled soul.

Needless to say, I was quite hungry after the mornings inner turmoil and workout. I knew that eggs were the answer to such, but what to make? An omelet or a fried egg? Both sounded really good to me... I went back and forth, back and forth... 'twas then I proclaimed, "I'll have both!"

  • 3 eggs
  • 1 100 calorie packet of "Wholly Guacamole"
  • some leftover Wegman's harvest veggies
  • salt, pepper and Mesquite seasoning (to taste)
  • hot sauce (not pictured... I'm a hot sauce fiend! I literally put in on everything I eat... except for dessert...)
  • cooking spray

Take 2 of the eggs and crack them into a bowl. Use a fork to beat the eggs until they are a pale yellow color. Season with salt, pepper and mesquite seasoning.

Heat a nonstick pan over medium heat. At this point, feel free to nuke the harvest veggies in the microwave for a minute ( I hate cold veggies and am too lazy saute them in the pan).

Once, the pan is warm, spray with cooking spray. Pour the in the eggs, making sure to spread them around (you can use a spatula to help). When the eggs are firm on the bottom, dump in the harvest veggies in a line down the center. Let everything cook for a few moments, until the eggs are no longer liquidy on top. 

Now comes the tricky part... Use a spatula to loosen up the bottom of the eggs and gently fold over two of the sides, like folding a piece of paper. Slide the omelet off of the pan and onto a plate.

Place the pan back on the burner and re-spray with cooking spray, if need be. Crack the remaining egg into it, trying to be sure not to break the yolk (I hate an broken yolk in a fried egg!) You could also crack the egg into a bowl first and then pour it into the pan. Let the egg chill there until the white is set and the edges are curling up.** I like my eggs a little on the runny side, so this usually only takes a couple minutes. Feel free to cook until yours until the desired runniness is reached.

While your egg is cooking, spread the guacamole onto your prepped omelet. Slide your fried egg out onto said omelet, when finished, and season with salt, pepper and optional hot sauce. Enjoy!

**Note: I like to put a little water into the pan and then cover it to get the yolk cooked slightly on top**

May I say that this is one of the perfect ways to start the rest of the day! You get the oh so tasty runny- yolk goodness from the fried egg, the awesomeness that is an omelet and that smooth, delicious avocado in the guacamole... IT'S HEAVEN ON A PLATE!

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