Sunday, October 7, 2012

Hopeful Halloween Goodies!

I know this is a recipe blog, but I can't help sharing something with everyone that makes me excited. Now, I'm not one of those people that will enter into any random giveaway/raffle that comes my way. As a card dealer in my dad's casino gaming experience company ( ... that's right folks, shameless plug here...), I know that the odds are generally not in my favor. I never have a problem winning when I'm part of "the House" and, consequently, never having a problem losing when I'm playing against the dealer. However, despite my seeming lack of confidence, I feel that this time will be different. I've had a few things happen that should help my chances:

A.) This morning I used my awesome new Halloween mug

B.) I had a black cat cross my path this morning. Yup... walked outside my front door and a large black cat ran right in front of me... I know this usually leads to bad luck, but I'm thinking that I can use the bad mojo from the cat to negate the unluckiness I have with contests.

C.) This is a Halloween giveaway and Halloween is my FAVORITE holiday! I'm one of those people that plan my costume(s) out months in advance and will totally have my future home decked out in a way that will make any young child afraid to come ask me for candy.

With all of these things said, I think I can win this! Enter the Primal Toad giveaway:

First off, I thoroughly enjoy Primal Toad site. Secondly, the first thing on the list of goods is a squatty potty! For those not informed of said device, I suggest you go here: It's essentially a step-stool like object that allows you to maintain the proper position for easy eliminations. Fear not anyone with issues in this arena! The Squatty Potty is here to save the day! Also, the cookbooks they're giving away are totally worth it! I've been eyeing every one of these up for quite some time and am dying to try out the recipes in them. 

So for everyone out there looking to snag some new stuff, take a look at this frightfully good Halloween giveaway and take a chance!

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